Kathrine Switzer: Marathon Woman

AP Images

Click on the above photos to watch a riveting 3-minute video about Kathrine Switzer, first woman to enter the Boston Marathon, tackled by race official Jock Semple. AP Images.

Our wonderful friend and colleague, Nao, over at our sister website, EB Japan (that’s right, we’re global!), forwarded me a link to this fantastically horrific video. Click on the picture and check it out.

In 1967, Boston Marathon official Jock Semple tried to FORCIBLY TACKLE AND REMOVE (what the what?!?) Kathrine Switzer from the then all-male race simply because she was a woman. Fortunately, her boyfriend and running companion instead intercepted and pushed the official out of the race, allowing Switzer to finish.

Switzer was inspired by the incident to create running events for women all over the world and was a leader in getting the women’s marathon into the Olympic Games.

Iconic athlete, sports and social advocate, author, and Emmy award-winning television commentator, Switzer has been honored widely for her achievements, most recently being inducted into the USA National Women’s Hall of Fame for creating positive social change.

Visit Kathrine Switzer at her website, www.kathrineswitzer.com, and follow her on Twitter @KVSwitzer.

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